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Network Design - Single or Multi Location interconnection - Seamless geographical LAN/WAN Integration - 24/7 monitoring


Physical and Virtual Server Installation - On Premise or Cloud 


Cloud Storage, OpenStack, AWS, Datacenter and server migration

Cyber Security 

Preventive and Corrective Cybersecurity, Penetration Testing

Operating Systems

Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, RHEL) - Unix (FreeBSD)


Physical to Virtual Conversion,  Qemu-KVM Hypervisor, Bhyve

File Storage

Local samba servers, cloud file storage


Enterprise grade internet phone service, physical and softphones, multi number, extension support, auto-attendant


License free office applications - documents, spreadsheets, presentation slides, and more - available as an offline app or in browser


AI based CCTV for person detection, H.264 or H.265, web interface, multi-site


Automated backup of files, folders, and virtual machines - configurable schedule, sparse and full backups

Websites and Email

Custom websites for E-commerce, E-Learning, Helpdesk and more. Enterprise grade email

Open source solutions - integrated and managed with 24/7 Support