Cloud Storage and Collaboration Suite

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Multi-user concurrent editing of Word Documents, Excel Sheets, PowerPoint Slides, and more


Video Conferencing, Group Chats, E-Mail, and Calendar Integration

Cloud File Storage

All your files in the cloud with fine grain access control and sharing capabilities



Presentation Slides

PDFs and More

Open Source

No hidden fees

Access from anywhere

Work from your desktop, phone, tablet, or web browser


Concurrent editing allows users to work on the same document

24/7 Support

Our engineers will maintain the system and provide technical support

Integrated Project Management

Tie your projects to files and chats. Integrate approvals and signatures into your workflow

Secure and Stable


GDPR and HIPAA compliant

Backup and Encryption

Automatically backup and encrypt your data

Flexible Hosting

Choose to have your Data on your premises, in a datacenter, or in the cloud. Or have us take care of hosting and provide you with a SAAS solution

Control your Data


Easily share data with anyone

Migration Assistance

Move all your data to one central, integrated platform

Granular Access Control

Control precisely who accesses your data and what they can do with it