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Managing modern biomedical or clinical laboratories requires overcoming complex challenges such as analyzing massive amounts of data, managing expensive lab equipment, sophisticated experimental protocols, and personnel turnover and training.

Liberating researches from these types of challenges allows them to focus on science. We provide comprehensive digitized inventory, project management systems, bioinformatics solutions, and hands-on training.

Laboratory Management Systems

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We provide custom made, web-based laboratory solutions that integrate projects, personal, inventory, and experiments. The solutions are based on open source technologies and are scalable to thousands of users. Monitor data in real time, control who can access it, and automatically back it up. Easily integrate data from different sources and generate reports.  

Authorized users are able to access information via smartphones, tablets, and computers. The solution is tailored to the needs of your laboratory. We take every small detail into account to make the system efficient in terms of both quality and price.

Bioinformatics Workstations and Servers

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Based on the profile of the research lab (clinical or biomedical) and the specific requirements of each principal investigator, we provide custom built IT solutions. The servers provide essential services across the network including data storage and backup of records. Workstations can be tailored to the specific needs of researches with hardware and software need assessments. We configure applications for DNA, RNA, protein analysis, image processing, quantification from histology,  immunofluorescence micrographs and electron microscope generated data.  

Electronic Health Record

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Open source electronic health records are deployed for clinical practices, clinical research, and animal model research studies. We integrate the data with relevant research flows such as genomics data or statistical tools useful for basic or clinical research.

Bioinformatics Training

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We deliver hands-on, practical, customized training. This is delivered at your institution (laboratory) or through our secure remote video training system.

The training addresses applied bio-informatics tools for whole genome analysis, gene expression profiling, 2D and 3D image quantification, bio-molecular crystal structure analysis, and molecular dynamics.

Analytical Consulting

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We offer consulting in experimental design for biomedical and clinical research laboratories. This includes experimental objective development, hypothesis generation, data exploration, analysis and model generation. 

Your data is presented in an analyzed format, per your request and specification, ready for publication.