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Intelligent. Simple. Private.

Empower your entire organization with our Computyx Adaptive Data Intelligence Platform, allowing you to leverage data and AI on your own premises. Our solutions are built on an open-source, adaptive platform that integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. This enables dynamic workflow augmentation, increasing efficiency and ease of use.

Our comprehensive training program ensures that your management, end users, and IT personnel are equipped to effectively use and maintain the implemented solutions. This allows you to scale and grow without relying on external entities, simplifying and accelerating your data and AI goals.

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Experience a new Open Source world

From AI to enterprise IT infrastructure, we offer fully open-source solutions that prioritize security, scalability, and privacy. Our solutions are internationalized and designed to be private, ensuring that you can conduct your business, research, or personal life without relying on proprietary software or worrying about data snooping. With our solutions, you're free from the risk of digital predators - whether they're corporations, individuals, or governments - allowing you to operate with discretion and confidence.

Streamline your entire organization by effortlessly integrating AI into every aspect, enabling a cohesive and intelligent workflow that enhances productivity and decision-making.
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Fully Open Source, Globally Scalable, Affordable IT Infrastructure

Get comprehensive IT infrastructure solutions that cover all your needs, including networking, cloud computing, cybersecurity, server management, data migration, and more.

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  Ditch the big IT monopolies' data-hungry business model and take control of your digital destiny. Our solutions offer fully private, on-premise IT infrastructure, including computing, networking, and storage, which you can manage and maintain with the help of our training programs for your current IT team.

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  Empower your organization with software built on trusted open-source foundations, including operating systems, database management systems, applications, and artificial intelligence models licensed under MIT, BSD, Apache, and Public Domain terms. This means you have complete freedom to scale globally without worrying about licensing restrictions or costly fees.

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Welcome to Computyx Solutions!

Our value lies not just in providing IT tools and solutions, but in taking a thoughtful, outcome-driven approach that maximizes your organization's potential within its unique ecosystem and budget constraints.

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Open Source IT Infrastructure Design, Implementation and Monitoring

Get comprehensive IT infrastructure support that covers all your needs, including networking, cloud computing, cybersecurity, server management, data migration, and more, to ensure seamless operations and scalability.

Biomedical and Clinical Solutions

 Unlock the power of advanced genomics with comprehensive whole genome analysis, molecular dynamics, and microscopy solutions that empower you to make informed decisions. Plus, streamline your healthcare operations with our electronic health records and laboratory management software.

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