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IT Infrastructure

Comprehensive IT infrastructure solutions - Networking, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Servers, Data Migration, and more.

Websites and Email

Custom websites for E-commerce, E-Learning, Helpdesk and more. Enterprise grade email.


Integrated Business Applications - Project Management, Accounting, Manufacturing and more.

Cloud Storage and Collaboration

Intelligent cloud platform to store, organize, and share files with integrated project management. Enable collaboration through video conferencing, chat, and concurrent editing of office files.


We solve business and biomedical challenges that require a deep understanding of IT

Bioinformatics and Clinical

Comprehensive whole genome analysis, molecular dynamics, and microscopy solutions. | Electronic health record and laboratory management software.

Help you grow

Open Source

No Software License Fees, no vendor lock-in. Integrated, open source, and scalable IT solutions that cover all aspects of a successful business in today's high technology environment. 

Scalable and Modular

Virtualized servers, solutions accessible from anywhere in the world. Stable & scalable cloud and high performance computing environments. Whether you start small or are already a large company, our solutions adapt to your needs and grow with you.